Connecting a CD/Cassette Micro System to an amplifier-is it possible?


Feb 27, 2012
I would like to connect a CD/Cassette Micro System to an amplifier using a Speaker wire pair with RCA red and white ends. Does this even exist? I have found a Speaker wire pair with RCA Males (Black & Red) but nothing with red and white ends. Maybe it does not matter since I have seen that:

Dual RCA, Red and white [most common]:
red connector = right channel
white connector = left channel
Dual RCA, Red and black:
red connector = right channel
black connector = left channel

Can anyone confirm whether this has been done before and actually has worked? My other option is to spend lot of money on a separate CD and cassette player that I can hook into the amplifier.

You need a speaker level to line level converter. These are used in car audio a lot. It is not just a wire with speaker cable at one end and RCA plugs at the other. The volume control of the micro system will still work so adjust it so as not to overload your amplifier.


Feb 27, 2012
I see. OK. Thanks! I had been reading a bit about it and thought that there might be some extra issues to consider just as you have mentioned.

I hope it will all be worth it in the end :)
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