Audio problem: monitor no inbuilt speakers, only one hdmi and two devices connected

Jan 14, 2015
I have a monitor with 1 hdmi slot, 1 dvi slot, 1 audio out and no inbuilt speakers. To this I have connected a PC and a PS4. I have hdmi to hdmi cable from the PS4 to monitor. From the PC to monitor I use hdmi to dvi.

Now the problem is that since I have to use hdmi to dvi for the pc I must use a 3.5mm cable to external speakers. And since the monitor has no inbuilt speakers I have to use another 3.5mm cable from the audio out in order to get sound from the PS4.

Now with my external speakers it has two 3.5mm jacks but if they are both connected one takes priority over the other. I think this is so that headphones that are plugged in get the audio exclusively. This means that I have to plug in, or take out a 3.5mm jack depending on whether I am using the PC or the PS4, which is beginning to drive me nuts.

Will I have to have two sets of speakers clogging up my small desk or use a headset which is also a hassle, or is there a set of simple speakers which don't prioritise one audio jack over the other, or is there another way around this?

N.B If you are thinking of suggesting a hdmi splitter please don't as I have tried this and it was buggy and slow and was more of a hassle than reconnecting/disconnecting the 3.5mm cable. Also please don't suggest I get a new monitor with two hdmi slots.
Jan 14, 2015

So simple! Thanks hang-the-9

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