Audio Stutters When I Click My Mouse


Nov 27, 2015
The title explains it all. All types of audio stutters whenever I left click with my mouse. Whether it be youtube, itunes, or games. I am currently using a Logitech G502 along with the Logitech software that it came with.

At first I noticed it while playing League of Legends where every time i right/left clicked my music would stutter. If I constantly spam my mouse and as fast as I can, its like a constant stutter. The best way I could describe the stutter is that the music slows down by like 10% and you can hear a reverb every time you click the mouse. ish. And if you play league of legends or have seen anyone play, then you know how much we excessively right/left click with our mouses.

I have already tried reinstalling all the drivers I could think of that could possibly be defected. And now I'm starting to run out of ideas so any help is much appreciated. Thanks so much.