AVG can't remove "Trojan horse Inject3.AUPR"


Oct 1, 2013
AVG has been detecting as of today a "Trojan horse Inject3.AUPR" every 5 minutes in my Windows/Temp folder. Each detected file is an EXE with some random name. I click to remove it, AVG says it has been removed succesfully, and then exactly 5 minutes later AVG finds one again.

This is the said trojan:


When I run a system scan or a scan of the Windows/Temp it doesn't show up. I've cleared the Temp folder, no change. I've tried AVAST but it doesn't find anything either.

Help! How do I remove this thing?!

UPDATE: Ran these suspected files in VirusTotal and only 4 out of 55 identified them as a threat. AVG is one of them. Downloaded Avast, Malaware, Avira, and some windows malware tool and all cleared them of suspiction. Smells like a false positive...
Try scanning the PC with malwarebytes. If it comes back clean, I would uninstall AVG and switch to a higher quality AV. There are several to choose from.