Question How to clean all the installers?


Jun 7, 2019
I keep the instalation software that i tested and i liked. I am doing it for years. I have a special folder with all my instalations kits, and i gathered in time somewhere like 200 perhaps. So when i have to reinstal my windows, i reinstall my usual software from that folder. Thats it's purpose, a backup.

Some time ago, i received a troian, and i manage to clean it yesterday from my C partition and from windows too. But i scanned my D drive also, where this folder i have with all the instalation kits. And nearly all the executables are found infected from this latest trojan and from other old ones i had in the past. I am a bit desperate about this situation because i can not get back the specific software versions i gathered anymore.

Is there a posibility to clean all these installers? But not cleaning by deletion or quarantine, but cleaning the actual virus that is inside them/or/attach to them ? And leave intact my instalation kit, ready to use another time, uncorupted or damaged?

I used: MalwareBytes free version and also AVG antivirus free version. Both softwares didnt clean eficiently from windows. Only from boot scan.

These are the viruses that are infecting my installers:

win32: Gardih (this was the latest one)
win32: Crypt-SJB [Trj] (this was the latest one)
win32: Evo-gen [Susp]
win32: Rootkit-gen [Rtk]
win32: MalwareX-gen [Trj]
win64: Trojan-gen
MSIL:GenMalicious-AAS [Trj]
BV: ExitWindows-K [Trj]
BV: Agent-BGV [Expl]
Other: Malware-gen [Trj]

Thank you !
maybe some of the installers were corrupted some time ago or are viruses. My recommendation is: Get rid of all the infected files and download the ones you liked again. If you can´t find these anymore, maybe an external backup should be best for future purposes.