Avoid these Panasonic/Lumix models.



Panasonic have been downloading a sneaky patch to their cameras' firmware that will stop the camera working unless you use Panasonic's own branded batteries.


Best advice is to avoid downloading any firmware updates for the models listed above and, perhaps, to avoid buying any model of Panasonic Lumix camera in case the policy is later applied to further models.

If you have been affected by downloading the patch unintentionally, in some jurisdictions you may, conceivably, have grounds for legal action against Panasonic or its parent company Matsushita, for example under restriction of trade laws, breach of data protection law or damaging your property by altering your camera's performance subsequent to purchase.


May 11, 2008
I've owned three Panasonic cameras (and some other brands). I tolerate their high noise level because of their excellence in other areas. I applaud the innovations they introduce and they have a knack of making cameras that are in a class of their own: bridge cameras that can rival DSLRs in many aspects and even surpass them in some, superzoom in a compact, superb lenses, the best image stabiliser, etc.

However, I vaguely heard about this latest "innovation" regarding batteries some time ago and it made me uneasy. It may be enough to make me abandon the brand for my next purchase. Mainly as a matter of principle since I've never used a third-party battery so far.