Question battery will not charge just says 0 percent plugged in

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Mar 28, 2020
I see people recommending resetting via a pin hole on the bottom. my battery is not removable and I cannot find a pin hole anywhere. does every laptop have them? model asus X540SA. Ive been ill so not used for a while but only used it for 2 mths after i bought it- cant believe it will not charge after such little use. any assistance sppreciated.-
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Mar 29, 2020
I too am having the exact same issue with my x501A. Replaced battery about a year and a half ago. Laptop has been sitting unused for a few months and when I tried to charge it the charging light is lit. Turn it on and it say 0% available (plugged in). I have tried just about everything to fix it. Have tried three different chargers in several different plug outlets. Last time I used it it worked just fine. Updated it after no use for extended period of time. Then noticed its not charging the removable battery. Not sure if thye update is the issue or it was like this prior. Any help would be awesome> I would also like to point out that when it first loads after log in the battery icon shows its charging for about 10-20 seconds and then the icons visual animation stops. Almost like it is initially registering a charge. But then stops. Very weird
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