Behringer VP1800S passive subwoofers


May 22, 2017

Can you daisy chain the Behringer VP1800S passive subs witch are rated at 400 watts continuous 1600 watts peak into a bridged 3100 watt power amp without frying the voice coils?
Yes you could blow them.
If you connect the woofers in series that will double the impedance which would reduce the amount of power the amp puts out. Still way more than they can take if the ratings of the speakers and amp is accurate.
Bridged amps are not as stable as the same amp in stereo so that is often a good thing. More reliable. If you connect the woofers in parallel that halves the impedance, which may be below the minimum the amp can handle bridged.
You usually lose some damping factor when you hook woofers in series so that will degrade the quality of the bass. Less control to start and stop the woofers.
I would suggest using the amp in stereo. Safer and you will still max out (or come close to) the woofers output.
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