Best Antivirus program


Jul 4, 2014
Installed windows 7 and Im not a fan of Microsoft essentials. What is the best antivirus program today?


Dec 2, 2012
IMO there really is no best answer for this. There is a combination of things that can keep you from being infected though. First and foremost is being careful: don't download from sites/sources you don't trust, don't go to the bad places of the internet, when you are installing a program make sure to READ each section of the setup instead of just clicking next (I have been totally guilty of this in the past and got unwanted installs as a result), and DON'T click any popups (always close the window). Second, a decent free AV will work fine as long as you stick to rule #1. I use Avast free, MSE is actually quite good and really low resource use, and there are several other free options out there that work great. A quick Google search for AV software reviews can bring up ratings and rankings that you can go through and find out what is best for you. And third, supplement your AV suite with Malwarebytes. Setup a daily or weekly Malware scan to supplement your AV because Malware is usually what free AV software is weak on.

Obviously this is all my opinion, but this has worked for me for quite a while :) Hope this helps.



Jul 8, 2014
In my opinion, a light AV is a better option, something like malwarebytes. The point of viruses is to bypass anti-viruses. Getting an AV like norton or similar AV's that hog CPU usage is a bad idea. The thing that protects you the most is common sense! If something seems too good to be true, don't download anything. This is just my opinion though. Its also from past experience, when I was experimenting with malware and trojans. You'd be surprised how easy it is to get past AV's, even the most stubborn ones like norton. Hope this helped!


Mar 9, 2014
Hi Nate3
This question will open up a can of worms here , everyone's opinions differ as to what they believe is the best antivirus.
I suggest you check out any antivirus you are looking at and look for reviews etc.
If still undecided all antivirus progs will give you a trial , download a trial , see for yourself if it suits your needs , if not , uninstall that one and try another.
I personally use AVG Free Antivirus it uses little cpu usage and has an extensive antivirus data base , worth a look
I wish you luck , dont just rush out and buy , try .
also there are lots of free versions out there also.
Hope this helps

Paul NZ

Sep 15, 2014
Never had any probs with windows defender in Win8 or using nothing at all.

Most of the AV programs I've read about cause crashes, block too many things, and stop working if it gets hit by a virus or something. I wouldnt waste my money getting any of them

Just dont go to dodgy sites , install programs that install 3rd party programs. And if you're into torrents, be careful what you get / and run.

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