Best Buy Service Plan for Samsung DLP HDTV - Advice needed

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> After years of going to Sears to buy flyer items only to find that they
> were "sold out" when the doors opened on the first day of the sale I
> stopped buying anything from Sears. Last summer I bought a GE double
> wall oven from Sears via the internet (best price, lowest deliver cost).
> My credit card company called to see if it was fraud.
> Matthew (happy with the purchase from Sears)

Glad to see you had a good experience.
It is hard to beat the price-matching.


Jul 3, 2009
Actually the bulb is covered through PSP. Your flaw in your argument is that best buys service plan is not an extended warranty. They cover much more than just manufacturer defects. The bulb is covered once in the life span of the plan. The thought process that plans are rarely used also shows a lack of critical thinking a nd is dishonest. If you took how many TVs completly gave up and stopped working, this may be true. However, with plans like the PSP, they cover preventitive maitenance to make sure your picture quality does not degrade over time, they also cover the repairs needed to keep it functioning as intended. This includes replacing the tv with credit for what you paid for OR a comperable tv.



I also bought 56 inch samsung dlp with the extended warranty at best buy.Big mistake on 8/26/09 they will be out for the fouth time,2nd time in two weeks.I have had the light engine replaced2 times all ready next week maybe the 3rd.The warranty not calling thre next service call a repair but a continues so they do not have to replace the TV.Your biggest problem was buying a samsung dlp,\.YES you are going to the warranty but they are ripe off two.