Best Laptop Warranties


Jan 18, 2007
Looking to buy a new laptop.

Not intended for gaming (but definitely for viewing high quality video). Optical drive required.

Country: Canada
Budget: below $750 including any purchased extended warranty

I am curious as to which companies or retail stores offer the best warranties (and will actually honour them). I know Costco does, but what about purchasing extended warranties from, for instance, a Best Buy?

I am specifically interested in warranties because I am very aware of the tendency for laptops to die and the difficulty the end user has exacting repairs. This laptop needs to be rock solid in terms of reliability. In this sense I know nothing about HP vs. Toshiba vs. Dell vs. Lenovo, etc. and need specific advice.

I am open to any brands/makes.

What should I buy/where should I go to do it?




See why is this such a good price..? A10 and eight gigs RAM!

He lives in Canada.

From personal experience, the most reliable laptop is a Lenovo ThinkPad T series. It is a business oriented laptop and it has a matte screen compared to a glossy screen; if that matters to you.

Customer service is certainly above average and is separate from the normal non-business laptop customer service. My IBM ThinkPad T40 from 2003 still works to this very day, although the batteries (laptop and CMOS) had to be replaced after so many years. Never had to call customer service. IBM sold their desktop / laptop division to Lenovo back around 2005/2006.

Not sure how sure how good Lenovo's normal consumer customer support is. I've only had my IdeaPad since Sept 2011. Hopefully, I never have to find out. If I do then hopefully it will be before August 2014 which is when my warranty expires.