Best Low(ish) Budget PC?


Jul 16, 2016
Hi! Im COMPLETELY new to the world of gaming pc's, and am looking for an all around good, fast, large storage, budget PC. I currently run a Lenovo ideapad p500 touch laptop, which has worked well in past years for easy internet searches and word processing, but I've gotten fairly into gaming, video editing, 3d modeling, and raytrace rendering for those 3d models. The laptop can handle this, but just barely and it does so extremely slowly. Im looking for a great PC under $1000 that could handle all that: gaming (CS:GO, and BO2), video editing and rendering (Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas Pro), and 3D modeling/raytrace rendering (Cinema 4D and Maya). Im willing to build my own (as im well aware that it is the best option), but if possible, would prefer to buy a pre assembled one, such as off Ironside or like. It would be extremely helpful to list the best part combinations/computers, the price, and the speed they would run at! Thanks!