Question Best Settings for OBS.

May 31, 2019
I want to record Gameplay of Modern Combat 5 on my Laptop with a few more apps running. It is a low-end laptop but I can still run the game at 60fps. But whenever I record with OBS it lags and frame drops a hell lot.
My Laptop Specs :-
Windows 10 Enterprises 64 Bit.
8 GB DDR3 Ram (4Gb inbuilt and 4GB Expanded)
Intel HD Integrated Graphics

When Only OBS and Modern Combat is running, the frames drop from 60fps to 30 fps and its almost fine. But when I run these apps
  1. Modern Combat
  2. OBS
  3. Discord (for voice chat)
  4. VoiceMod (voice changer),
I just can't play the game.

Are there any OBS or PC or any settings that I can change to record gameplay (I am fine with 720p @ 30fps).
May 31, 2019
and what the cpu?
no dedicated gpu?
enterprises windows 10? are they legit?

upgrade to ssd? more ram? better laptop?

CPU - i3 5005U
Yes It doesn't have a dedicated graphics card. Windows is original. RAM I have already upgraded to its maximum compatibility.

If I could buy a new pc, I would nt have posted this. I want to know best OBS settings so that I can record at atleats 720p @30fps.. Or any setting that would optimize my pc.