Best speaker combination for Yamaha Rx-v 485?


Jan 29, 2010
I have selected some speaker combination to hook up my new yamaha rx-v 485 AVR.

1. Taga Harmony 606SE speaker set + TSW200 subwoofer.
2. Polk TL1600 speaker set
3. Klipsch Theater Reference Pack - This is way overpricy, but I have seen it in ubuy for less price.
4. JBL Cinema 610 - I can get it from a friend if want.

My main focus is on Taga, but need your expert opinion to help me choose the best one out of these 4 in terms of quality of sound and value for money.
Also I welcome any other best options in the price range of 25-70k.
The Taga are full size speakers and the others are all small satellite subwoofer systems.
The Taga will certainly play much louder and fill a large space better. It's not a brand I know so I can't comment on what they would sound like.
Of the remaining three the Klipsch is likely to play the loudest with the JBL second. As for sound quality it's more a matter of taste than better or worse. If you could listen to them that would be the best option.
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