Best way to connect an older Plasma without ARC and a Soundbar


Mar 15, 2016
For our den/playroom, I have a Pioneer PDP-5070 Plasma , Insignia NS-WBRDVD Blu Ray, Wii, and a Vizio SB3830-C6M Sound bar. Harmony One remote to control all.

What is the best way to have audio pass through to the sound bar for all activities? I have the components all stored in a cabinet with cables ran through the wall, so it's possible to run more wires, but not necessarily easy.

Is there a way to connect all components to TV and then TV to Sound bar (from my research and the lack of ARC, I'm thinking not).

So does that only leave two options? One being running the TV, Blu Ray, and Wii all to the Sound Bar (say Digital out from Blu Ray, Optical from TV, and RCA from Wii).

And the other using something like this:

And if I use that switch, what is the best way to make all of the connections so that they all work? I've tried to hook up all the connections with the switch, but I can't get a stable platform. And no audio from the Wii at all....

Appreciate any help everyone!
It is simpler than you think. Your sources are already connected to the TV.
The TV has optical audio out which connects to the sound bar. So only additional cable you need is a toslink digital audio cable and since the TV and sound bar have to be together no in wall wiring should be required.
If the TV won't convert the analog audio out of the Wii to digital you might have to use the analog audio out of the TV instead of or in addition to the optical cable. Still a short run from the TV to the sound bar.


Mar 15, 2016

Thank you for the reply. I am having the opposite issue. I can connect the Wii via component/RCA and it will output via toslink to the sound bar from the TV. But the Roku and Blu Ray that are HDMI, I cannot get to output to the sound bar via toslink.

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