Bios problems

Feb 28, 2021
The will try my best to give all the info I can.
I have a z490 A-pro MSI brand new motherboard.
I have one ssd drive installed with my OS on it
Windows 10 64 home
600watt power
32g ram 3200mhz
This is all new. My system was booting fine and I had windows running. I did a bios update from MSI download file E7c75ims.280 bios build 01/30/2021
Pc will only boot to bios now. I went thru boot order and can not see option for windows.
I have cleared the cmos several times!!!
I have booted with the ssd uninstalled, then turned off, reinstalled and try booting again. Right back to bios. In bios “fixed boot order priorities I have that disk.
The ssd is showing on sata configuration and is in “AHCI mode” /again, it is the only drive I have plugged in atm.