Question blue screen while playing fortnite

Aug 23, 2019
When I’m playing fortnite game on 144hz screen refresh rate I am constantly having “blue screen” problem at the start of the game or at the end.
If I change the setting on 120hz screen refresh rate the game works normally without the “blue screen” problem.
Does anybody know how to fix this problem?
My specs are :
CPU - Intel i7 8700K
RAM - Corsair 16gb 3000 DDR4
Graphic card - Asus GF GTX 1070TI 8gb
Aug 23, 2019
psu - Corsair ATX 750W 12V TX7500M 80plus gold
the gpu temperature during the game its like 70-71 i have a video than the game crashed
Aug 23, 2019
now i get also blue screen with 120hz ..
i tried to format computer and install all new drivers from nvidia and asus sites and still the same..
blue screen only while playing fortnite in windows i can be whole time
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