Question Laptop crashes while playing games

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Sep 12, 2020
Hi, my laptop keeps crashing while playing video games. When this began it was crashing once every 2/3 weeks, maybe even less often, only in CS:GO, but over time it began to crash more and more often and now it crashes after 20-40 mins of play, in any game. I think it is because of the GPU, but I am not sure if it is a software or a hardware problem, or if it is the GPU. I tried to see if it overheats when it crashes, but the temperatures were between 68 and 77 ° C . I tried to reinstall my drivers, I have it on high performance, but still nothing so I wanted to see if there is anybody who had similar issues and if it is worth fixing or if it can be fixed.

This is how the crash looks like: View:

Laptop: ASUS F550JX
CPU: i7-4720HQ
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