Blue vertical lines on entire video content of screen


Aug 3, 2017
I get blue vertical lines on the screen everytime i stream or view videos .
My tv is connected to a streaming device via hdmi. The cable is fine as the same cable works on my computer just fine. When i start an app like youtube from the streaming device, the app opens and i am able to see the youtube home screen. When i play a video , blue vertical lines appears only in the area where video is played. I mean i can still see the title of the video just fine. This happens nt only to youtube bt to every other streaming app from the streaming device.....i connected the same streaming device to my other tv and it works all fine there.

Need help
Did this happen before youtube stopped using flashvideo?
if it worked fine with flash then check for a firmware update to your streaming device. Perhaps it will be able to handle the new format afterwards.