Question Bluetooth device not showing in app

Jan 26, 2022
I have recently buyed 2 smart curtain robots, which will be connected to android mobile thru Application #smartlife .
So I have opened and started connecting process as per instruction the first device detected and paired and worked, But second robot while pairing thru the app it's not detected so pairing is not happening. i have tried all the troubleshooting strategy explained by the expert for pairing in the smartlife app. But Nothing was working.

Soon while searching on my bluetooth search i findout device is showing as JDY-25M .. So i tried to connect thru bluetooth channel but it saying "Pairing connection problem with device &passkey wrong".

I am not at all have knowledge in coding, is there something could do change pass key of jdy-25m blutooth .

why it's not showing in tha smartlife app & but shows in bluetooth visible devices.
why it's have passkey connecting problem.

Any solution.