Solved! Bluetooth Hands-Free Audio Interface to connect to Mixer/Microphone - Does it exist?

Jan 7, 2019

I'm looking for a way to connect a Bluetooth headset to my mixer. Most times I'm wearing my headphones and microphone to talk/listen on webinars. Sometimes, however, I need to be able to walk around while on a webinar. In this case, audio quality and latency isn't a huge concern so I figured Bluetooth would be sufficient and would let me use my existing Bluetooth headsets I have laying around.

My core question is: does there exist an interface that will allow me to send 1 or 2 audio channels from my mixer to the Bluetooth headset, and also have an output channel for the microphone audio coming back from the Bluetooth Headset

I've been searching for the past couple hours on Google and can't seem to find a device that provides audio outputs/inputs with a Bluetooth interface to a hands-free headset.

Here is a diagram of what I have and am looking for:


the nerd 389

Nov 20, 2012

My primary question at this point is:
Why are you trying to achieve this signal chain? It strikes me as overly complex for any real world application that I can think of.

Otherwise, I'd suggest using a laptop with Bluetooth capability and then configure the devices appropriately. If possible, you should consider just adding a bluetooth card to the PC you're already using.