Bluetooth speaker problem

Sep 26, 2018
I have it connected to my PC and I play music on Spotify. Now lets say I find a really awesome video on youtube and I want to watch that but I don't want my music to interrupt the video. So ofcourse I pause the music. But as soon as I mute the music, the whole sound on PC is muted aswell and I have to either a) leave the music on but just put the volume on Spotify to 0 or b) reset the speaker. How can I fix this so it doesn't delete all sound after I pause the spotify. To mark that ofcourse as soon as I resume the music the sound works again.
When you pause Spotify that shouldn't mute the audio output of the PC. If you have youtube open in the another tab of the browser you should still hear the audio of that.
If it doesn't work like that for you maybe using two different browsers would work and adjust the volume of each in the audio control panel.
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