Blurry screen and color is wrong.

Valarie Russell

Feb 24, 2015
Hi i have a toshiba laptop,a few says ago the screen went all fuzzy and blurry and the colors are mostly green and pink.However the text is perfectly fine its just videoes amd picss.I tried changing the resolution but it had no effect.Also disconnected power cords and rebooted but still the same.I went into the service centre and it says all drivers are working properly.What could cause this?


If you have a video playing and resize it, the image issue goes with the video? Everything else around it is fine? Try connecting an external monitor to the system and see if this happens on there as well.

Are you talking about online videos or regular movies on the laptop or from a DVD? ALL of them or just some on some site? Same for pictures, ALL show the color issue or just some?

If you took it to get it looked at, what did they check aside from the drivers?