Boot up error after factory reset


Jun 22, 2017
I have the lenovo ideapad flex 4. During the past few weeks my laptop began to slow down, and i decided to factory reset my laptop. I choose to keep personal files only. I went to factory reset and it took me 1 hour and 35 minutes to reset and reinstalled windows. After it reinstalled windows, my laptop rebooted and while it was in the lenovo boot up logo it says welcome then restart, at first i thought it was normal, then it kept doing that same process over and over again, so i decided to leave it on all night hoping it would work but it didnt work! And also in the past i did factory reset my laptop couple times and this error did not occurred in the past. So i might have some theories of what this error could be caused by. My 1st theory was that some or just 1 windows files were not installed, Missing, Corrupted, or were not installed correctly. And also i tried to look for Tutorials
on trying to fix this problem but most of them need to do a system restore, so i tried to boot up to the trouble shoot screen, but for some reason i kept pressing the key for the trouble shoot instead it kept booting up and restarting, so i am very frustrated with this problem. I hope that theres a solution for this problem.

Thanks for reading if u have any way to fix this please let me know!


I have to make sure we're talking about the same thing:

- A 'factory reset/restore' means wiping the hard disk completely and return the device to the state when it left the factory.
- A 'system reset' or 'Windows reset' is a less drastic option that allows you to keep certain files. You launch this feature from within Windows (the Settings app). This option tends to cause lots of problems because Windows needs a host of recovery files that are often either missing or damaged, and then you're stuck.

If you're willing to erase everything on your computer to get it running again, then the Lenovo Flex, like most other Lenovos, has a small pin-hole on the left side with a small curved arrow icon. That's the Novo button, and it will give you a very basic menu that includes 'factory reset/restore'. This could be the way out for you.

If your Flex uses an SSD you simply don't have enough time to press the BIOS key because SSDs load much faster than mechanical HDDs. The Novo button eliminates this step.

Best of luck,
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