Bootable Recovery Drive w/ Ghost Image Help


Nov 8, 2006
I run WinXP on my Sony VAIO laptop (Model:pCG-K15), which is about 3 years old now, and does not support booting from USB drives. I have checked for newer BIOS updates, but none exist. Also, there was no floppy drive that came with the machine when I bought it, it only has a CD/DVD internal drive. My problem is that my CD/DVD drive crapped out on me, so now I have no way to boot from my bootable Ghost recovery DVD. Just to replace the Pioneer CD/DVD drive, which I've been told by SONY support, is the only DVD drive that can replace it, will cost over $300 which I am not about to pay for, since the drive does not burn DL DVDs, and since I already bought an external DVD DL drive.

OK, so here is my situation in a nutshell:

(1) I Can't boot from internal DVD drive anymore (broken).
(2) My BIOS doesn't support booting from any USB drive or jumpdrive, and any future BIOS update from SONY that DOES is unlikely.
(3) No floppy drive, and even if there was, it would be an external USB drive anyway, so that's not an option.

My question is:
I want to create a dual boot, recovery partition on my harddrive that I can put my ghost image on, BUT...that is also bootable itself. Again, the reason being that, as of now I have my ghost images on a bootable DVD, but they are useless since my DVD drive is broken. Is there a way to create a recovery drive that I can put the boot files on and also have it possibly boot straight into the ghost program, and then tell it to load the ghost image from the recovery partition to the second partition???? Can ghost do this, because everything that I have read so far says that you have to have the Ghost boot CD, and this is basically what I want to eliminate. I want to boot from the recovery partition, run the Ghost program, recover from the SAME partition!! how would you, or rather is this even possible?

Any help would be great.




Oct 16, 2006
only thing i can think of is doing a PXE network boot from a remote install server to re-install your o/s, you might be able to dual boot it i guess, that's IF your bios or nic card support the PXE feature...even then it's not that easy


Nov 7, 2006
ref: I want to boot from the recovery partition, run the Ghost program, recover from the SAME partition!! how would you, or rather is this even possible?

I think it is possible. maybe you could boot from LAN. But it looks like not easy. lucky!
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