Solved! Bose lifestyle 5 compatability question

Dec 5, 2018
Hi, I have an old Bose lifestyle 5 surround sound set. The media centre isn't working correctly. Can I use the 5 speakers and bass module with a newer centre, such as the lifestyle 18? That means I can also connect to TV via optical, which the 5 model does not have.

WHY? U said it yourself media center 5 doesn't have the Optical that you require.

Of course is gonna work (no guarantee, for all we know speaker drivers maybe jacked up), but is gonna work good enough for your requirement only you can answer.

...thinking it over, how do u know the center box is bad? usually the first thing that goes bad is the amplifier and the amplifier on the 5 is in the sub box. What troubleshooting have u done to it, if u care to disclose.
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