BSOD within a minute upon plugging in ethernet cable after new Panda Security anti-virus install


Feb 19, 2014
So I took advantage the Humble Software Bundle and I was installing Panda Security Pro that came with it (after installing most of the other programs such as Windscribe VPN).

Previously I was using the free version of BitDefender and was occasionally scanning with Malwarebytes as my security system. I uninstalled Bitdefender before installing Panda but once Panda is either close to done or finished installing (not sure which tbh) I Blue Screen. My computer restarts and Panda says that it installed incorrectly (possibly because of the crash) and I close it and try re-installing. It crashes again around the same point and when my PC restarts Panda opens up and shortly crashes afterward. This has been going on all day and I have determined it has something to do with my ethernet.

If I start my PC without my ethernet plugged in everything is fine, however, if I plug it in again my PC will crash within a minute.

I tried installing Panda on my laptop and it worked fine, although it wasn't plugged into ethernet at the time. And as of now, I can't test if it will crash once ethernet is plugged in because I'm an idiot and plugged in the ethernet cable right side up when the plug is upside down. So now I have to deal with that too.

My PC is running Windows 10 64bit, I have a stock clocked i7-4790k, and a Gigabyte Z97MX Gaming 5 mobo. The drivers for the mobo were installed through Gigabytes automatic driver installers I think.

Right now I can use wifi but would obviously prefer a wired connection. I'll be happy to clarify anything or share more information that will be helpful.

Thanks guys.


Go into Event Viewer and look for log entries with error codes and/or warnings just before or at the time of the BSODs.

Event Viewer Reference from within this forum:

Take your time to see how Event Viewer is set up and how it works. Right clicking any given log entry will provide more information.

Some logs may report no entries or data. However, if you wait a few minutes there may actually be some entries that appear.

Sidebar: Not sure how you can plug in an ethernet connector upside down without a great deal of force. Did you physically push the ethernet port back inside the laptop? Take a closer look at what you may have done.