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    Solved! ASUS GL504G - Ethernet pin broke

    Hi Community, I bought this laptop on October 2018 and accidentally, I put the power cord to the ethernet (yes it fitted perfectly for some reason) with the result being breaking one of the eight pins of the ethernet port. I sent it back to Asus; they told me that I did it (apparently) and the...
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    Solved! Can't connect Laptop Wirelessly

    My laptop can't connect to WiFi, only Ethernet. It says there are no networks available. When I troubleshoot it only lets me choose between Bluetooth and Ethernet adaptors. Device manager says I have an Intel dual band wireless ac 8260 This is on a Dell Precision 7710 running Windows 10
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    Access Point slowed internet

    recently ran Ethernet cable out of back of my windstream router/modem to another router that i made an access point. plugging said ethernet cable directly into computer i am getting speeds up to 12-13mbps which is what i pay for. so seems that ethernet cable length doesnt seem to be an issue...
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    Solved! I have a ethernet cable box can I hook up another in different room from it

    I have a ethernet cable box for the tv can I hook up another from this to a different home
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    Solved! Toshiba Satellite C875 won't connect to internet

    Toshiba Satellite C875 with Windows 8.1 won't connect to internet wirelessly or through ethernet. The connection shows as active and packets are being sent and recieved, but I cannot use the internet in any way.
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    Solved! USB C to Ethernet adapter not working (Acer A717-71G)

    Hey everyone, I've got this USB C to ethernet adapter for my laptop. The LEDs light up and it heats up over time but it doesn't seem to work at all. (neither Win10 / MacOS Mojave) The page shows it's plug and play and doesn't need any software. Can anyone help?
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    Solved! Skinny on WiFi ..My Laptop and a Smart Tv

    Can I use laptop WiFi at Same time as the TV set ALSO is using WiFi? AND Should i connect Ethernet to TV and Use WiFi for my Laptops 2 laptops using WiFi Mine and My Wife's ALL this going on at once Two laptops streaming and Tv Ethernet vs WiFi vs ALL WiFi for All devices Am I clear? Plus...
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    Solved! Wifi network computer can't see Ethernet connected computer

    My Win10 wifi-connected laptop and my Win7 ethernet-connected desktop used to connect to the Internet and saw each other to share files, the Internet etc no problems. I bought a new Win10 desktop but have the same router and laptop. It connects to my network, gets the Internet and sees itself...
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    Laptop to TV via HDMI over Ethernet donesnt work

    Hello all, I'm facing a strange issue with my new TV Samsung 7 model. Here is how the connection looks like: laptop HDMI port > HDMI extender TX > two RJ45 CAT6 cables > HDMI extender RX > TV HDMI The problem is that the TV is showing me NO SIGNAL. I used the same cables/extender with my old...
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    Internet problems on my RAZER BLADE PRO

    So, i have now for 3 days tried to find out why my internet won’t work on my razer blade. First of all I’ve never had any problems with my internet on my Blade and there have always been a Ethernet stick in it and then 3 days ago my WiFi/Ethernet icon was gone, I couldn’t connect to WiFi or...
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    Solved! Unknown Ethernet Connection

    I have a technicolor cgm4140com that comcast gave me to connect to the internet. Everything has been working fine for the most part but when i logged into to manage my router which I do every day I noticed in offline devices I have 3 devices that say they were connected by ethernet and...
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    Solved! access violation address 770CD974 error

    Alienware mx18 r3, windows 10 I cannot get my ethernet to work and this error comes up, access violation address 770CD974
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    Solved! Samsung TV and Onkyo Receiver ethernet connection

    I have a Onkyo TX-NR575 audio receiver that has a ethernet connection. My TV and Directv Receiver connect to my network over WiFi. If I connect the Onkyo wired ethernet connection will it share that connection through HDMI to the other components? For example if I am using the smart TV functions...
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    Solved! How to install Ethernet to one room?

    I am currently building a gaming pc and will put it in my room. My router and modem are downstairs. Is it possible to install and Ethernet port in my room so I could have a wired connection? How much would it cost? Also, what router would you recommend for fast speed (I have 400/20) and will be...
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    How to Use an Ethernet Connection to Boost Fire TV

    The most annoying thing about an Amazon Fire TV might be the buffering you experience while streaming your favorite shows. This is because the wireless connection has latency 10 times worse as compared to the wired internet connection. So, if you are looking to boost your Fire TV, one good...
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    Solved! What are the practical applications of connecting two computers together with an Ethernet cable?

    Hi everyone. I was wondering, what are the practical applications of connecting two computers together with an Ethernet cable? Why might someone want to do this? For instance, can you transfer data from one computer to another if they're connected with an Ethernet cable? Or, if one computer...
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    Toshiba laptop ethernet adapter gone from device manager

    My Toshiba C55-B5299 Laptop (Win 8.1) all of a sudden cannot see its built in Ethernet port. I use it because the Wi-Fi works, but can be flakey, and the Ethernet is more stable. I used to be able to see it in the device manager, but now the only way to see it is to use "show hidden devices" in...
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    Dial up to Ethernet Adapters

    I currently have satellite internet, and I'm looking to have a dial up connection as back up in case it goes out. My computer only has an Ethernet port, so I'm wondering if there are any adapters I can use. If such a thing exists, how do they work, and where would be the best place to buy one?
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    Dell 15-7560 Ethernet Port Replacement

    My Laptop's Ethernet port is damaged. Was thinking of getting it fixed by dell service. They have suggested to replace the entire motherboard. As my laptop is out of warranty, I would have to pay for it. Meanwhile, I found the part which needs replacement on aliexpress. LINK: http:// Is it...
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    Solved! Need drivers without all the download programs

    I am working on a Samsung NP305E5A notebook. I need to install ethernet drivers and can't find a place to download just the drivers. The driver I need is LAN driver 7.45.516.2011 and programs to replace drivers needs to have an internet connection and I can't connect the computer to the...
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    USB hub to usb to Ethernet adapter

    Hey, Just a quick question, I currently have a 2017 MacBook Pro which has usb c connectors so I got a usb hub which allows for more usb 3 to be connected, however I am currently looking to get an Ethernet adapter and was a bit worried that by connecting it to my usb hub it won’t work and can’t...
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    Solved! Wifi running very slow on asus fx503

    Hi, my wireless network is working very slow.its normal speed was 50 mbps but now its running at 5mbps. Ethernet working is fine. What should i do?
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    Samsung Smart Tv Wired

    Hello everyone, I’m having some trouble with my Samsung smart tv. I have been using wireless connection for some time, but now that i can, i would like to use the wired connection. My problem is that the tv literally won’t recognize that there is an ethernet cable plugged in at all. When i...
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    Ethernet can´t connect to game servers?

    Hey. My family just got a new router today, but when i plugged in my ethernet i could not connect to any game servers? I can easily browse the internet and download/update games, but when i try to pay, i can only play offline. I tried connecting with the wifi and it worked fine so it is only a...
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    Toshiba l850 b411 Ethernet and wireless malfunction

    hello, so i have Toshiba sattilite l850 b411 i7 win 7 64bit 6g ram and for no reason at some point it started to be slow and laggy i tried to restart it several times and nothing happened, the same issue on and on. i noticed that in the WiFi area the connection bars is replaced by this...
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    My laptop is lenovo g580 using wifi from two years iam unable to use internet directly from cable wire the ethernet is missing

    My laptop is lenovo g580 using wifi from two years iam unable to use internet directly from cable wire the ethernet is missing In my laptop
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    I can't connect to any network settings.

    I've tried the removal of the device in device mgr. the computer doesn't see the Ethernet adapter.
  28. K

    Dell Inspiron 7567 ethernet not being seen by laptop

    My Dell Inspiron 7567 will not work with ethernet. Ethernet port was fine when I bought the laptop, but now I cannot get any connection to it. I noticed that Device Manager doesn't recognize the device. I rebooted the laptop into Diagnostic and noticed the laptop doesn't see the ethernet as...
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    WiFi suddenly stops working, computer asks for Ethernet cable

    My laptop with Windows 7 suddenly stopped connecting wirelessly, now it says I need an Ethernet cable to access Internet. I've never needed one before. My phone connects fine so it has to be the computer. Help?
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    hdmi No signal

    When connecting Samsung Note 8 with the HDMI Adapter USB type C via ethernet HDMI cord to HDMI on TV there is no signal coming from that imput
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    Laptop overheats when connected to a network

    Hi, I have a weird problem here. Whenever I connect my computer to a network, does not matter with wireless or cat cable, my computer starts working 90 - 95 celcius degrees but when disconnected it works fine with 50 - 60 celcius degrees max even when playing Skyrim or EU4 or PES2017. I tryed...
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    Speaker Wire Alternative

    I have a lot of ethernet cable, so can I use that instead of speaker wire. Ethernet cable has 8 - 24 guage wire in it. Can I use 4 - 24 guage wire as the positive (RED) and 4 - 24 guage wire as negetive (BLACK)? Which would make it 18 gauge wire because 4 - 24 gauge wire equals 18 gauge wire.
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    Asus ZenBook ux430au

    Can this model connect to ethernet?
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    fast ethernet network adapter media test failure

    l toshiba satilite lap top start up in bios, but dose not install operationing system, then goes to black screen with warning msg; "for realtek RTL0100E/8181E Fast ethernet network adaptor V102(868529) PXE-E61: Media test failure, check cable PXE-M0F:Exting PXE Run"
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    computer won't turn on when ethernet is not working Help

    computer will not turn on if Ethernet is not working. I have a Asus Vivomini VC65 12 months old always worked before and it is frustrating to not get into my computer to try anything.
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    Solved! Laptop connects via Ethernet or WiFi but no Internet [SOLVED]

    My laptop always USED TO connect to our household internet router either via Ethernet or WiFi via SSID. In fact, I have always configured the router via that laptop (Microsoft Surface PRO4). To this day that laptop STILL connects wirelessly or via ethernet cable, and even through my phone's...
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    Asus Chromebox Really Slow

    I have a 60MB internet service and a Comcast gigabit ethernet directly connected to my Chromebox M004U. I try to watch Xfinity live TV and the performance is horrible. The video lags audio badly and it frequently just stops for several seconds. When I connect the same ethernet cable to my old...
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    Can I use both wifi and Ethernet cable on my Visio smart tv

    Is there a way to use both..or which would be stronger?
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    How to Connect a MacBook Pro to another Mac

    Below are the few pre-requisites that must be met before you can connect your MacBook Pro to another Mac computer. ■Both Mac computers must be on the same Wi-Fi or wired network ■Both Mac computers must have unique computer name ■Person using the source Mac computer (MacBook Pro here) must have...
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    Ethernet port seems broken

    (Sorry for my bad English by the way) So I've been having this Alienware 17 gaming laptop for 2 years and I had no trouble with Ethernet connection until now. I think the reason is with the Ethernet port because the Ethernet connection works when I push really hard on the Ethernet cable.
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    Looking for a USB/ethernet camera that gives raw unompressed images (not necessarily footage)

    Hi Most webcams compress their video feed onboard or at the driver level. This means that they can't give an uncompressed image, even a still. I don't necessarily need a video feed, but I need maximum detail from some monitoring cameras I plan to set up. My question is: Does anyone know of...
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    L20-173 will not wirelessly link to internet ?

    It looks like my old laptop has hit a wall, it will connect via ethernet cable but not wirelessly ? it used to, what can I do to fix it, there is no support on your web anymore , my poor baby will be condemned to the recycle unit . model no : psl2xe-01400uen serial no x5032216w satellite L20-173
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    Moonlight running better on LTE than WIFI

    What the title says. Today I installed Moonlight on my Galaxy S7.. it ran extremely sluttery on my local WIFI (Tho with ethernet cable PC reaches stable 50 up 30 down). Decided to try it on my phone's LTE network and I got significantly better results. Still I doubt I can stream 1080p 60hz but...
  44. Z

    Using an HDMI splitter and HDMI to dual Ethernet adapter. Satellite works but PS4 doesn't

    I currently have a non-powered male HDMI in dual HDMI female out adapter. On one female output I have a HDMI cable going to my living room tv. The other female output is attached to a male HDMI in dual Ethernet out sender which both ports are attached to 75 foot of CAT 6 RJ45 Ethernet cable. The...
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    My laptop won't connect to wifi neither ethernet

    Hello, a month ago my laptop fell and my hard drive got wrecked. So i replaced it and set up a new windows 7. 3 days ago i was playing a game, I closed it, opened google chrome. BAAAM! Won't connect to the internet. It just shows red x and the wifi form. I tried to changd the drivers but didn't...
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    my Gateway xz6971 All in one won't load a Ethernet or Wifi driver on my windows 10 upgrade keeps saying they are not compatibl

    my Gateway xz6971 All in one won't load a Ethernet or Wifi driver on my windows 10 upgrade keeps saying they are not compatible I got them from the Gateway support download page
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    Looking for solution

    Hello, I newly got an android box (mqx 4k) but my wifi is not available on the wifi option, tried adding the network but still won't connect, so I connected through Ethernet and it connected and started working well but I can use the Ethernet because my router is by the hall way and TV can't...
  48. J

    WiFi to Ethernet

    HP Pavilion has started to switch from WiFi to Ethernet. Mouse become unusable at that point too. Audio gets messed up to. Seems like a intermittent hardware fault but not sure. Help anyone?
  49. kol12

    Wireless speaker and wireless connection question.

    I'm looking at getting a wifi wireless speaker as this seems to be the way things are heading rather than Bluetooth... My question is if I want to connect it to a laptop that uses an Ethernet connection for internet but has a wifi adapter can the wifi adapter be enabled at the same time as the...
  50. Ordan

    Laptop keeps losing connection when connected with ethernet cable.

    to make it clear, when i connect laptop to ethernet cable, for small amount of time everything works, then it says connection to internet is not avilable but why? cables are okay so idk what the hell makes my laptop not accept internet. On desktop everything is fine tho :/
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    i have connected to my laptop with ethernet cabel but it show no internet access

    i cant access to internet
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    fix missing drivers

    I have hp pavillion ze4400 and installed windows 7 starter but some drivers (network..ethernet contollers) are missing
  53. D

    i'm trying to connect my asus x555y to the internet via an ethernet cable, no connector?

    I've got very slow wifi and was told it would speed up if I used an Ethernet cable. As there's no Ethernet connection on my laptop do I need an adaptor? If so is it to a usb port or to the lan port?
  54. T

    Using a ethernet cable to transfer files?

    Can I use the ethernet cable from the old HP Pavilion modem to the Acer netbook to transfer files?
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    Hub used for USB 3.1 gen 1?

    Hello. So I bought a laptop (Asus VivoBook N580VD), and it comes with a USB type C 3.1 GEN 1 port. It is also a displayport port (little DP icon - like the one in this picture What I would like to know is what...
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    Ethernet cable not working for G752VT

    I'm fairly new to this so try to take it easy on me. Brother gave me a G752VT which he factory reset. Wifi works, but when I try to use an ethernet cable it basially ignores it and just stays on Wifi. What I've done so far 1.) Disable Wifi to see if it'll use the cable automatically (it...
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    Centrino N 1000- can it be upgraded?

    My laptop Lenovo ideapad z570 with i7 2670qm 2.2ghz cpu/ ethernet realtekpci FE and wirelss card Centrino N-1000. The internet speed that laptop shows is 60mbps download. If connected to ethernet it shows nearly 90mbps. (cable speed is 330 mbps) My router is google mesh wifi. Which is the best...
  58. ftutone

    Dynadock and Etherent

    I currently have a Toshiba Dynadock connected to my Sony Vaio laptop running Windows 10. The laptop has an Ethernet card in it. I plan on buying a new laptop but most of the new ones no longer come with Ethernet connections. My question is the following: The Dynadock users manual does NOT list...
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    A couple antenna questions - testing and amplification

    I've had it with my cable company and I'm looking to cut the cord. Gigabit ethernet isn't terribly expensive for streaming from Netflix and Amazon, but I need to work on the local broadcast stations. I'm about 30 miles from most of them, so any old antenna might not do the job. I'm going to...
  60. S

    3G cell phone network connection

    How can a weatherstation modem ethernet signal interface with a cell phone 3G network?