Budget speakers for home gym vs gaming PC (dilemma!)


Sep 21, 2014
Hi all,

I'll be using a PC for home gym in a couple months (moving) and I need a cheap/decent audio system. I'm not an audiophile by any means. It's pretty much for music, Netflix and TV watching while I workout. Absolutely no gaming and no need for surround sound.

I currently have my gaming PC hooked to a Logitech Z506, which I appreciate, but I can't experience the real 5.1 (as real as it can get from such a cheap unit) because I have no room to place the speakers. My options :

1) Using that Z506 for the home gym and upgrading my gaming PC speakers, possibly to a Z623, which seems much better according to my research.
2) Buy a different set like the Z313 for the gym and keep the Z506 for the gaming PC but I'm not too excited by the lack of bass control knob.
3) Buy a soundbar (with optical connection) to connect to the gym PC

Sidenote : I bought the Z506 6 years ago for 50 CAD (brand new, boxing day) which is dirt cheap. I now got the option to sell it for more than that... sounds like an interesting option.

I'd like to keep this whole thing under 150 CAD/115 USD because, like I said, I'm not really an audiophile and it's a gym... not a home theater.

Opinions? Thoughts? Please comment.