Question Buzzing on right earphone when playing audio/video on laptop browser but not on phone

Jan 6, 2020
Just started happening today but I've tried everything and I can't seem to solve it myself.

My right earphone suddenly would buzz with a sort of static sound whenever I watch or play anything on Google Chrome but when I watch movies on VLC or listen to music from my laptop, it doesn't have the static buzzing. I tried plugging it into my phone to check and it didn't have a buzzing sound either. So I went back to my laptop and tried different browsers other than Chrome, they all had the buzzing. So whenever I watch or play audio from a browser, the static buzzing would happen, but not when I play video or audio through VLC, itunes or other media players. And not on my phone.

Been getting a headache and might just start using the left side or get a new one :(