Camera app that stores pics on SD card


Aug 31, 2016
I have an android phone using KitKat and the most infuriating aspect of this OS is that everything gets stored on the internal memory, even though I have changed the settings to SD storage. Unfortunately, Google has loaded that internal memory with lots of apps that I don't want leaving little storage for the apps I do want, and apps can only be stored in internal memory. I never can get anything to store info on the SD chip.

The standard camera app stores photos on the internal memory, and I'm constantly getting "Can't install or upgrade due to insufficient memory". Yesterday I couldn't even get the GMail app to upgrade.

I read somewhere that Camera MX could be set to do that, but I can't find a way to change the storage for the app. Nor can I find any directions on how to use the app. I'm really not interested in most of the features to enhance/manipulate the pics. I ldo ike the feature that allows one to have different folders to store in, but with limited memory, my internal memory is full.

Are you aware of how to do that with Camera MX, or do you know of a camera app that uses the SD chip for storage, or should I just break down and get a different phone with a different OS? Thanks for your knowledge and wisdom