Can i modify a charger jack-plug to fit in the laptop's power jack?


Apr 14, 2014
So i got this ASUS X59SR laptop from a friend but without a charger and my parents are desperate for a laptop to just surf the internet.

I do have a charger that is the same V and A output as the laptop needs but the problem is that the plug in the laptop is hexagonal and the charger one is a circle.

Could i possibly cut the circle plug to a hexagonal form for it to fit or resolder a circle plug into the motherboard of the laptop if it has the same ammount of pins?


Mar 4, 2016
you could always try to modify, just to experiment, but 90% it won't work. Will the core fit inside the plug? Resoldering a circle plug , i think this needs special tools because the pins are too small.

Phillip Corcoran

You need to buy an appropriate charger for that laptop model.

What you propose to do with existing charger is strongly inadvisable even if the charger's output matches what the laptop requires.

You can buy third-party charger with the correct output & power jack from online vendors if you specify (or select) the laptop model on their various websites.

However, although more expensive, buying an OEM replacement charger from Acer would be my preferred route.
Full guarantee, plus safety and reliability more certain.


Jun 17, 2015
yes you can modify it if you find it but you must know alot about reconstruct the cable and it sounds like you don't know much about soldering and voltages

i wouldn't do it if i don't have enough knowledge about it, bucause if you do it wrong, the minimum it can happen is that you damage laptop, the worst, a fire

better try with this

or this

this one also

this one is the better solution

or this one

perhaps buy two, one for homw and one if your parents plan on moving that new laptop around
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