Can i upgrade my lappy hard disk to Samsung 950 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD


Nov 9, 2016
So, I want to replace my current SATA disk to this fast SSD (Samsung 950 PRO NVMe M.2 SSD).
But the problem is my laptop( HP Pavilion 208tx) MotherBoard doesn't have any SSD port. So i guess i have to replace the SATA Disk came with Laptop to upgrade to SSD somehow but i don't know if it has any compatibility limitation with it's mother board or any other.

Also what is the best way i can do this?

Also i'm using (Win & OSX dual boot)

Notebook Specs
SSD Specs

Update: got to know about SATA to SSD converter a little but not really know if it'll work for me or not.
I really, really wouldn't try to do that. The machine is made to take an SATA drive. I would put an SATA SSD in it. Period. Buy the SSD, use the clone software that came with it to clone your system disk, swap disks.