Solved! Can I upgrade my Samsung subwoofer?

Jan 25, 2019
I have a Samsung HT-F5500w home theater system. This is the 1000w 5.1 surround 3D smart bluray system with wireless rear speakers. It's been a great system so far. Once in a while it will display an error message and will not stay powered on, but the problem occurs infrequently and always seems to correct itself. Fingers crossed. My only real complaint about the system is the subwoofer. It's not horrible, but I want deeper and more powerful bass when I use the system for music. So my question for the community... Am I able to upgrade the subwoofer to an active subwoofer of another manufacturer? This system uses small gauge speaker wire that is hardwired into the sub, and with unique connectors at the other end that you plug into the back of the receiver. It seems to me, I could cut said connector and splice it into the speaker wire of the new subwoofer. I'm no home audio expert, hence my inquiry to this forum. Can anyone tell me if this "hack" might work? Thanks a million. Looking forward to your response(s)
If you get a subwoofer with speaker level inputs then you can cut off the connector and use bare wire from the HTS directly to it.
If the one you get only line level inputs then you will need a speaker to line level converter.