can i UPGRADE processor in my samsung RV509-S04IN

Pawan Soni

Apr 20, 2015
I samsung rv509-s04in (core i3 370m / 4gb ram / 500gb hdd/ nvidia geforce 315m 1gb gpu)

I want to upgrade this laptop to core i7 or i5 processor. Can I upgrade. ???
Any help Please ???


It is almost never possible to upgrade the CPU or GPU in a laptop. For one thing, they are permanently soldered to the motherboard. For another, the more powerful replacement is likely to dissipate more heat, and the board and case wouldn't support it even if it were possible to remove the existing chip and replace it.

Sorry, you can't do that except in machines specifically designed to allow component updates. And those tend to be quite expensive, since the manufacturer has to make up the lost follow-on sale for the upgrade.


It is theoretically possible, since the manual for that laptop states it can also take an i5 or i7. You have a Socket G1 / Socket rPGA988A motherboard so need to use one of the processors on this list:

Now keep in mind, your i3 gets a score of 2034 on Passmark, and the best processor on that list, the i7-940XM gets 4082. This is a decent jump, but that is a $300 plus upgrade and it uses 55 watts versus 35 watts of power. The best 35 watt CPU is the i7-640m which gets a score of 2869. It can be had for around $70.

Realistically the i7-640m is your best bet and will give you a nice 40% bump in a benchmark score. It is very likely supported but I cannot find anyone who has done it.

You may also want to think about just upgrading the hard drive to an SSD. I know you can get a 512GB SSD for around $200 and I have found that to be the best value for upgrades and almost recommend you do that first. You may not need to do anything else!


WyomingKnott is correct in that some laptops have soldered CPU's and you cannot change them. I have done a few CPU swaps where the CPU comes out by taking off the heat sink and turning a screw, so it is possible. Easiest way to know is to take the laptop apart to where you can see the CPU and you can then tell if it is removable. I know based on motherboards on sale on eBay that the RV510 and RV511 do have removable CPU's. I'm still looking for the RV509 board to confirm if it does or not.


Found a video on youtube that shows someone removing the heatsink from the CPU and you can see it is a removeable CPU because it sits in a white tray with a screw at the top. Turn that screw and the tray releases the processor. Drop another one in and turn the screw back and you are done. Unfortunately it is in a different language but you can search for it by using "Bảo dưỡng Samsung RV509 [ ]"


Jan 18, 2009

Almost never for GPU, yes. Almost never for CPU - WRONG.
Depends on whether it's a PGA or BGA chip. And I have seen more removable processors in laptops than non - and that's from having taken hundreds apart.
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