Can I use in-wall speaker wire for transit of RCA satellite speaker signal?

Lachlan Mulcahy

Mar 30, 2013
Hi There,

We've been having our house renovated and during the time we thought about how we might like to setup the room for 5.1 surround.

I'm not a super audiophile, so after some reviews I decided that the 42" Vizio soundbar listed here was quite a reasonable choice:

The key info here is that the soundbar connects to your audio input by hardwire - we'll probably use TosLink/Optical. Then the Subwoofer is wirelessly paired with the soundbar - you sit the subwoofer at the rear of your room and there are two satellite surround speakers - rear left and right - that connect to the sub via RCA connectors (1 RCA each channel).

Unfortunately I somehow missed the fact that these rear speakers connect via RCA and we had the contractors run speaker wire from where we plan to put the sub to come out on the wall where we plan to wall-mount the satellite speakers.

So the question I have is whether I can just splice some RCA connectors onto both ends of the speaker wire that runs through the walls to connect these rear speakers to the sub.

I've read people cautioning about _mixing_ RCA inputs with speaker wire output and vice versa, but since both ends of the connection are designed for the same thing, will it "just work" ?

Thanks for your help :)