Can Office Migrate to New Computer?


Aug 6, 2018
When I log in with my Microsoft Account on it shows that I have two Microsoft Office products in my account. Both are called Microsoft Office Pro Plus 2016 and both also show the product keys and have download button for the installer. One is installed on my desktop and the other is on my laptop. I am getting ready to sell my laptop and replace with new one. Would I be able to somehow unlink the Office on the laptop and transfer it to the new laptop? This is using my own personal Microsoft Account. I can install Office 365 on up to 5 devices with my school account if needed but prefer to use my own purchased versions if possible since I am also getting ready to transfer to a different school soon.


Aug 28, 2015
Yes you should be able to simple uninstall it and do a fresh install with the same CD key on the new computer. If you go to your Microsoft account ( upper right hand corner) and go to services and subscriptions it will show all the software tied to your Microsoft account. Which should include your Office 2016 copies. You can download a fresh copy from there.


Feb 14, 2006
I believe they can be deleted. Off the top of my head and I am not sure, in the right pane you should see Office 365 I believe. Then there are some other settings that I don't recall. Eventually you should get to a list that shows which computers it is installed on (by computer name). From that view you can delete the computer it is installed on. However, I would recommend you uninstall the software from the computer itself.


Aug 6, 2018

Nope, it doesn't show them there or the devices they are installed on. It says I don't have Office in my account and tells me to buy a subscription.
I can only find Office products linked to my account by going to where it just says "your products" and there are two boxes that both say "office 2016 pro plus" the product key for each copy is in each of the boxes and there is a download button. I can't find where it shows the devices installed on. Whenever I do go to where you are supposed to see this, it switches to my school account and shows it for that Office subscription.
My personal copies of Office are 2016 Pro Plus where I purchased keys and entered them using setup/ and the one I have in my .edu account from school is Office 365 subscription.
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