Can you help me choose between laptops please?


Nov 12, 2013
So i have been using pc (mostly asus ) and have been satisfied but it died last year :( it was used but it worked for the time being so i have been using a computer a friend let me borrow it is a mac now before i start a war or something it was lender. After a year of using it i kinda of liked it (mainly because of it's os and the dual booting though apple's windows drivers aren't that good they were meh but good enough) So i'm looking between these computer : lenovo yoga 2 pro asus zenbook ux301 and the macbook pro retina 13 haswell

specs asus zenbook ux301

Cpu intel haswell 4500u

69 gb of ram (can't quite remember)

igpu intel iris 5100

Lenovo yoga 2 pro

Intel haswell 4200u

price 1.799

8 gigs of ram

igpu 4400

price 999

macbook pro retina haswell 13

cpu intel haswell 4258u

8 gigs of ram

igpu intel iris 5100

price 1499

so i compared them and the lenovo was decent 21 fps in openGL

asus 27 fps on openGL

macbook pro retina 21 fps in openGL BUT with windows 8.1 It gets 26 fps

so i i'm currently making mods for half life 2 and portal 2 but i don't want a thick 15 inch notebook

why? you may ask well with this 15 inch i temporally have it sort of heavy and big when i travel (i travel a lot) and it sometimes feel like if it was going to fall so which one?