Question Can't find my downloads


Jul 8, 2018
I just downloaded some files and I can't find them. From my pull down menu, in my notifications, there's a box that says Download manager and if I click on the downloads right here it leads me to where it asks how I want to view the file etc. I choose kindle and I'm able to read the file. But I can't find these files any other way, and I know eventually out of habit, I'll hit clear on my notifications and I won't be able to find these files. Where are they and how else can I access them? Theres no downloads or file manager icon on my home page, if I go into the my files, I've looked in every one and can't find them. Help please!!


Downloaded the files using what program on what device? There is not likely to be a file manager on your home page of the tablet, you need to go to the all applications list and check there. The Kindle app just found those files and opened them or are you opening the files directly and just using Kindle to open them to view? You did not have to setup a file location for it to find them? Can also connect the tablet to a computer, it should then be seen as a drive letter and you can check through that where the files are.
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