Cant get audio through patchbay


Mar 17, 2010
Okay, first of all - forgive me. I am a creative video editor, and though I have above average knowledge when it comes to technology, I am at a loss rigging up a rack unit from scratch. Specifically with the audio.

Here's my scenario:

I've got a VHS, DVCAM, Digibeta, Betacam and 3/4" deck [I know, we still use it] all hooked up in this rack and I'm getting video just fine. But no audio.

Currently I have the audio from these decks going into the top of the Bittree patch bay units I have (don't know which model...they are the TT combo has both video -BNC- and audio connections). The audio chord runs from XLR to what looks like a power supply end...the kind you would find in your computer that attaches the power supply to the motherboard...only the shape resembles a firewire 600 connection. I know there is a name for that, but I don't know it.

On the BOTTOM of the Bittree panel, I have that end running back to my Matchbox II unit (converts RCA to XLR and vice versa) into the Studio Inputs, and then in the IHF Outputs, I have a standard RCA cable running into the tv monitor.

So: From deck output -> Bittree Out (Top bay)

From Bittree In (Bottom bay) -> Matchbox Studio Input

From Matchbox IHF Output -> TV monitor

I'm thinking if I patch my VHS, DIGIBETA, etc. OUT on top, into my monitor IN (connected to the matchbox) on the bottom, I should be hearing audio...

I've troubleshooted everything and it lies somewhere in this patch bay.

* The TV speakers work
*The tapes I'm playing DO have audio
* I tried taking xlr monitor OUT on the digibeta, directly into the matchbox in, and I hear audio, so I know my Matchbox unit is fine.
* I've tried swapping out the XLR - [bittree power end]

What am I missing???

Thanks so much!




Pretty hard to answer with no wiring diagram, but from what I can see, your bittree is hooked up backwards. Should be: Deck output>bittree input Bittree output>matchbox input
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