Solved! Can't get LG 42LY340C and Creative Inspire T3100 working together

Jul 4, 2020
I have quite old 2014 LG TV 42LY340C and trying to pair it with even older Creative Inspire T3100 2.1 speakers. TV Owner’s Manual (page 20) shows that "external speaker out" can be used (as per my understanding)
However, no audio is coming, only humming noise.
The speakers are working fine: I've connected them to macbook directly and to phone through 3.5-to-USB adapter.
External Speaker Out port on the TV seems to be a problem here since whenever I connect headphones I hear the same noise.
Audio settings on TV are having only 3 options in terms of output (I'm using top one):

  • TV Speaker
  • External Speaker (Optical)
  • LG Sound Sync (Optical)
My last guess is that maybe it's related to different impedance on the TV and speakers side. Manual says 8 Ohm, and I have no idea about speakers
Is it even possible to get this pair work together?

Thanks in advance.