Can't think of any more options, need your help. - HTPC HDMI 4K Screen 5.1 Audio?


Jun 7, 2016
Hey all,

Firstly, sorry if I'm posting on the wrong board, if so let me know the right one please.

So, this has low key been an issue for myself for like a year but now that I'm getting a GTX 1080 it's an issue that I would like to solve sooner rather than later if possible.

My problem is that I am trying to achieve true 5.1 audio with my desktop PC. I'm an idiot and somehow I broke the optical audio port on my motherboard. I'm using a 4K monitor, and my home threater system does not support 4K, so I am running DVI-HDMI from my PC to my monitor.

That leaves me with an open HDMI slot on my video card (GTX 970), so I've tried running HDMI to my home theater to only do audio, but my desktop won't seem to recognize my home theater via HDMI when I already have that card sending video via DVI-HDMI to my 4k monitor.

I've tried a digital coax cable from my desktop to my HT system and it won't even let me configure speakers, when I run a 5.1 test on Splinter Cell Blacklist it just works in stereo... So I assume digital coax doesn't do 5.1?

Optical can do 5.1... right? So I could buy a soundcard with optical and just run that directly to my HT and I would have 5.1... I think?

Ideally I'd like to audio via HDMI but that does not seem to work when I'm already outputting video in a different cable from the same video card. Do they make soundcards with HDMI?

This turned out to be super stream of consciousness, my bad... If there is anything I can clarify let me know..

My motherboard is a MSI 97-GD65. My home theater is a Sony STR-KS370.
Coax digital will handle 5.1 in Dolby Digital or DTS (not the lossless audio codecs on BD discs which require HDMI). May be a driver issue. Sounds like sound card might be a good way to go.


Hello... 1) You need to see what your receiver input specs are for the Signal/connector your trying to achieve... Typically receivers and home audio are on some kind of "royalty" branded product (Dolby, THX, DBX,?) and getting a PC to that (high end?) Multi-channel DIGITAL format can be expensive or takes some special card or "royalty" Software version?.


Sep 25, 2010
I've had a similar issue with my setup from just being an old receiver , but the optical output doesn't support true 5.1 out, you'll likely get something like front left channel, front right, rear l&r sub , no center channel and rear are the same. Coax would work (it's a single orange female RCA ) but kinda rare since HDMI. Would have to see your options on mobo and stereo and see what's possible, may need an adapter to get true 5.1.