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Christiaan Lourens

Aug 1, 2013
Hi there,

I hope some of you guys have some experience with CCTV cameras & can help me out.

What I need are 2 different types of cameras.

Nr.1 - a cheap cameras that is pretty decent and good value for money. (Not worthless image quality)

Nr.2 A more premium camera (that either comes with a protective enclosing or I will buy one). Feel free to recommend what types of enclosings are good too i.e. aluminum ect.

Do I go wireless? (Do I need an internet connection for wireless or is it via radio waves?)

What else do I need? A monitor (pc screen or one of these small lcd flat panels that they sell) Also recommend me some.

Do I need anything else? What is better storing on SD card or HDD?

External or internal (keep in mind I live in South Africa, power outages thanks to Eskom/ "Eskak" are frequent) Do I need a ups for them or should I buy some solar panels for them?

I am pretty handy with a screw driver but I need to be pointing in the right direction so I hope you guys can help me out :)


I use cabled CCTV cams as they were free (job benefits! :) ) and run them into dedicated CCTV monitors that were also free but I can also split one of the feeds off and run it into my TV card on the composite input which allows me to record the feed and play it back on the PC.


Aug 28, 2013
I just viewed a YouTube video clip given by Amin Davis - It's a nice Infrared Illustrator camera system which is more effective to capture clear images during night vision.

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