Changing Core i5 3210M from HP 4540s to my new slow ASUS X541SA

Mar 20, 2018
So hello everyone! My first post on this great site! :)

My old HP 4540s had its display destroyed, so i got ASUS X541SA free from a relative.
My new ASUS is a decent machine except one thing its Intel Celeron N3060 1,6Ghz CPU simply sucks bad. Got used to Intel I Cores so much that i cant handle this much longer.

So, my question is: Can i install Core I 5 3210M from my old HP to My ASUS X541SA? Could it be compatible?

I thought i should ask from you guys before doing something stupid.

Second alternative would be to to put my 128MB SSD from my ASUS to my HP and get an external display.

Thank you in advance!