Charger Connected (green light lit), but shuts down once plugged into laptop


Jun 27, 2013
I have a DELL Inspirion N5110, and when I try to connect the charger to the laptop, the charger seems to shut down. I plugged it into the wall (green light comes on), but when I plug it into the laptop, it (green light) shuts off. No power is getting to the laptop. Help??


Jun 27, 2013

I tried another charger from another DELL laptop in the house. The exact same thing happens when I use that one. As soon as I plug it into the laptop, the light goes out on the charger. Is it something with the laptop? If so, what could it be? The laptop hasn't been dropped.
DC jacks are sort of a problem child in laptops, so if that's the case, then the jack or the power board (if this unit has a separate power board) may have gone out.

Parts and labor will vary depending on whether a new DC jack needs to be soldered or not, but you're probably looking at anywhere from $50 (low ball) to $100 (give or take) for a DC jack repair and/or power board replacement. Prices also vary by location (servicing markup here in CA is crazy), so check out local repair shops and see if you can get free estimates.
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