Cheap laptop to play sims 3


May 5, 2013
I want a laptop that i can play sims 3 on. I want to be able to use the internet, microsoft word and olay sims 3 with expansion packs and thats really all i will use it for. I would play sims often though. I cant afford to spend more than 350 but i can go up to 400 is i really must. I would prefer windows 8, and i have actually found a few laptops but i am not very techy and i dont know whether they are good or not. Sims is the main reason i want it so that is a must, and i dont really want a screen under 12 inches.



Only the 1st laptop is worth considering.

The Lenovo IdeaPad S405 with the integrate Radeon HD 7500 is pretty weak. It is weaker than the Intel HD 3000 integrated graphics core found in the "Sandy Bridge generation" CPUs

The DELL Inspiron 15 has the weakest integrated graphics of the three the; Intel HD graphics core (let's just call it the "Intel HD 1000").


Feb 22, 2007
Concur. The 2117U has a iGPU Equivalency of the HD2500 Which means Very weak GPU performance.

7500G - Mid Class 3 performance;
Quote from Link: " The AMD Radeon HD 7500G or HD7500G is a processor graphics card in the Trinity APUs from AMD. It is the slowest version at launch and integrated in the ULV-A6 variants (A6-4455M at launch). It should be based on the VLIW4 architecture of the Radeon HD 6900 desktop series and most likely wont offer a dedicated graphics memory."

7640G, also a class 3 card, but closer to the top, higher than the 7500G:

Ref HD4000 which is in Many of the moble Ivybridge CPUs
How it performs:
How is it rated:
Which is in-between the 7640 and the 7500
Based on that the 7640G would be your best choice.

For other moble GPUs just google it and select the Notebookreview link.
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