Solved! Coaxial Antenna to wireless HDMI

Nov 27, 2018
I understand that I can buy a QAM tuner box that will output HDMI. like this -- However I would like the Antenna that is in my attic to go wirelessly to a TV in a room that does not have any outputs in the wall. Is there a unit that can do both? Convert to HDMI send wireless and have a receiver unit that will plug into the TV?

After looking some more would something like this work?


So u can hook up antenna to this box, then this box send signal wirelessly to your TVs.

My next questions would be:

Do I need to add another box for each TV?
Does it need a special TV? Download App compatible with my existing TV?
How many TV can it run?

Of course you already have WIFI @home.

Start reading their literature.
Nov 27, 2018
I think I am going to try tablotv but for some background information. Since I need internet to my house anyway, I do computer programming from home a lot for work. I decided to get 400 Mbps service for $44.95 a month. Once I got that I was offered 25 channel streaming service with local stations for $25.00 a month which will work with 5 smart TV's or with Roku or Apple TV. Since I have a problem dropping a problem until I have a solution I will not stop until I can control my TV with an remote Antenna wirelessly. It seems that the box (whatever I go with) needs to be located near the TV and not the Antenna so I will still need to have a wireless coaxial/USB/HDMI solution. So something like tablotv may work. Thanks for your input.
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