code 43 gtx 850m

Christopher Haycox

May 8, 2013
laptop specs: Asus x550jk i7 4710HQ - 8GB ram- Gtx 850m

I have a strange problem with my graphics card, I was running on windows 10 perfectly fine then I restarted the laptop after putting it away for a while and the screen would go blank after booting to the os, so I went into safe mode looked at device manager and seen that the gtx 850m had the code 43 error, uninstalled drivers faffed about for hours trying different once to no success.

I decided to try win7 as I have heard bad things about driver compatibility with win 10 and the gtx 850m so I installed win7 installed the graphics (HD 4600) then the Gtx 850m, same again code 43 now if I installed the latest drivers I get the code 43, but if I install some older ones my screen goes blank and crashes cant boot to os so have to disable the gpu in safe mode for it to start, if I disable the HD 4600 and enable the gtx 850m On the newest drivers there is no longer code 43 and the device is reported as working correctly but I get loads of screen lag as if im on standard display adapter witch I suspect that is the case, im at my wits end here tried just about everything I can think of, is this a dead gpu or is it driver conflict maybe? thanks for any advice in advance!