Question Component Xbox connection to TV

Aug 17, 2022
I'm trying to connect my Xbox 360 (no HDMI) to my LG TV. I have a component cable from the Xbox, which has 6 phono plugs but my LG TV only has 5 female phono connectors. On the TV there is a female socket with both green/yellow markings. Do I need something as simple as a 2 to 1 phono adaptor to make this work.

See image:-
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The link has nothing in it that is visible. Would help if you listed the exact model of your TV, color of the plugs or just "female connectors" don't give any info about the exact type of input they are. A component cable would have 5 connections, three for video, two for L/R audio. If the cable from the Xbox it's either not component or it has an extra cable not for use with a component input setup on a TV.