Computer sound no longer functioning.


Oct 26, 2010
Hi, I took my PC to my Nan's house in order to get some work for my A lvl done while I was there. I got there and had it all set up i got no sound at all other than beeping from the tower while it started up as per usual. I made sure it was all correctly wired up, speakers worked and tried plugging my headphones into the speaker output but to no avail. I have tried a system restore to before i brought over but still, no sound. I have been able to get the work done but as i use my PC for gaming no sound i a major issue for me. I have tried my microphone and it works so the jacks all appear to be functioning but sadly no sound. Could it be a software issue, and if it is is there any reccomended fixes for it. Or could my soundcard have been broken on the journey here (about 130 miles) but i have done it before with no issues.

However i have found that before whne i have moved my PC that sound has been lost after setting it up again usually fixed but doing any admintrator process causing a sound whereupon my speakers function again. Could it be that there is an issue with my sound card, I have opened the case and all seems to be in order but it is possible i have missed something or didnt know what to look for.

I am using windows Vista 32 bit, and realtek HD audio manager for my sound.


sometimes the audio drivers can go bad. delete the current audio driver and install the most current driver from the manufacturer's website.
turn off your antivirus while installing the new drivers, restart the computer.
turn the anti virus back on.


Sep 8, 2008
you have probably checked this but just incase you havent make sure your sound is not muted in control panel, ive known this happen on various pc's


Jan 8, 2010
+1 to the mute thing.

Get cheap cheap wal-mart speakers so you can trouble shoot.

do you have on board audio?

i would do the below.

1. check mute
2. try new set of speakers.
3. update drivers with anti virus off
4. if you have a sound card try a new card or on board audio

let us know the results.
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